The Journey operates under a Leadership Team model of church governance.

Think of a set of Tinker Toys. The round tinker toy is the anchor element. From that center are added spokes to other elements. As circumstances warrant, spokes from that hub can be added, replaced, or connected to additional elements.

The overall effect is a strong center with flexible configurations. The Leadership Team is the round piece, providing a strong center point of coordination. To it are added ministry teams to carry out and accomplish specific ministries. More can be added as needed. Those no longer necessary can be removed.


The Leadership Team at The Journey consists of elected lay leaders, the senior pastor and the director of christian formation and is charged with the strategic and spiritual direction of the church. Leadership Team terms are for three years on a staggered rotation.

The Pastoral Relations Committee (PRC) serves as the personnel committee for the church. The PRC meets quarterly to help monitor the spiritual and emotional health of the pastoral staff. In addition, the PRC conducts annual performance evaluations and makes recommendations for compensation.

The Nominations Team meets with individuals for a process that explores spiritual gifts and volunteer opportunities. Out of this process, nominations for elected positions are made as are suggestions for other opportunities within the church body.